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About this web page

This page is intended to give you more insight to the nature of fertility. It is primarily targeted to women, however it contains useful information and practical guidelines for men as well. Nevertheless human reproduction is responsibility of both partners and by knowing the simple laws of nature from the practical point of view, it helps us all to gain a certain amount of control over own fertility and reproduction capabilities.

What can you use this page for

Well, actually for many things. If you've just run across this page by googling about fertility, pregnancy or birth control, then we hope you will get some info about this topic from a bit alternative, natural and not so much medical perspective. We don't deal that much with scientific explanations and conventional medicine approaches of fertility, so if that's what your are searching for, you are not on the right page and should google for some other resources of that type. So as already set forth, we focus here more on natural methods to influence fertility, which in our opinion should be known to a wider range of population. Fortunately internet makes that easier :)

Besides this general and practical information, we introduce a free web application which helps to determine fertile and infertile days for women based on the matching of menstrual and cosmobiological cycle. Application is meant to help you in both cases, if you want to get pregnant and also if you want to avoid pregnancy. A lot of mature couples nowadays have problem with infertility, which may be caused by several reasons. So if you are among those ones who really want to have a baby but have problems conceiving one, the application on this page should help you increase your probabilities significantly. On the other hand you can use this web application to avoid pregnancy as well.

However, note that there is no guarantee that the application is 100% correct and reliable. Authors of the page take absolutely NO responsibility or are liable for any damage resulting from use of this website.

Therefore apply common sense to fertility control and contraception. Especially in case you want to avoid pregnancy, it is wise to use this online calculator in conjunction with other contraception methods, check Contraception section for more details. Before using the calculator, make sure you read and understand the instructions at the beginning of Calculator section.

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